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The logo of the college inscribes in it the vision of the college as Vidyam dadati vinayam”, that denotes Education generates Humility. The college aspires to set benchmarks in inculcating values of generosity, modesty, humbleness and self-effacement to the students through the extension of proper education.


The mission of the College is to disseminate higher education to the youth, especially women and the minority community so that they can face different challenges of life with full confidence and competence. The mission is signified by the motto “Shraddhavan labhate gyanam which, translated from Sanskrit into English, stands as --One who reveres gains absolute Knowledge. Pioneered by this mission the institute adopts core values like ‘integrity’, ‘excellence’, ‘transparency’ and ‘empathy’ to help student gaining absolute knowledge.

  • Integrity: The Institute will adhere to the highest standards of ethics in all its activities to ensure that teaching and learning shall be carried out in an environment of academic freedom and honesty.
  • Excellence: The Institute is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities, and through internal and external reviews, will work towards continuous improvement.
  • Transparency: The Institute will function according to defined procedures and rules, which will be informed to all. Important information will be made public for its smooth functioning.
  • Empathy: An awareness of the conditions of the downtrodden sections of our society and contributions towards solution of their problems will form an integral part of the education programme of the Institute.

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We aim to provide our students with an education that prepares them for lifelong learning and success in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this, we prioritize experiential learning, interdisciplinary inquiry, and the integration of theory and practice. We believe that by engaging in research, internships, community service, and other forms of experiential education, our students will develop the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to make meaningful contributions to society.