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Total Courses


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Types of Courses

Different Sub-Committees

NAAC Steering Committee

Mr Bidhan Mondal- Coordinator

Dr. Krishanu Adhikari- Co-Coordinator

All Full-Time Teachers – Members

Librarian- Member


Admission Sub-Committee

1.       Dr. Anandadulal Bagdi - Convenor

2.       Sri Atanu Choudhury - Assistant Coordinator

3.       All Full-Time Teachers – Members

4.      Tazul Islam – Member, Non-Teaching Staff


Academic Sub-Committee

1.      Dr. Subrata Mandal - Convener

2.       All Full-Time Teachers – Members

3. Debendranath Saha- Member


Library Sub-Committee

1.       Sri Ramsunder Garai- Convener

2.       All Teaching Staffs –Members


Examination Sub-Committee

1.       Dr. Birendra Kumar Halder- Convener

4.       Sri Avishek Mandal-Member

5.       Sri Swapan Ghosh-Member

6.       Sri Jagannath Pal -Member

7.       Sri Ratan Kumar Banerjee -Member

8.       Sri Ranabir Mandal –Member

9        Sri Brajaraj Pal- Member

10      Sri Jaggannath Nag - Member


Magazine Sub-Committee (College)

1.       Sri Bidhan Mondal-Convenor

2.       Dr. Birendra Kumar Halder (Member)

3.       Sri Prabir Datta (Member)

4.       Sri Ajit Hazra -Member

5.       Sri Atanu Bhattacharjee-Member

6.       Dr. Ananda Dulal Bagdi- Member 

7.       Sri Prabir Dutta-Member


Sports Sub-Committee

1.       Dr. Malabika Biswas - Convener

2.       Dr. Santwana Mondal- Coordinator

3.       Sri Ratan Kumar Bannerjee-Member

4        Sri Sahabaj Ahmed Mondal

5.       Smt. Moushumi Dutta – Member

6.       Mr. Fazle Elahi-   Member


Grievance Redressal Cell

           1.       Sri Bidhan Mondal - Convener

2.       Dr. Somnath Chattopadhyay -Member

3.       Dr. Krishanu Adhikari -Member

4.       Sri Ramendra Nath Roy-Member

5.       Sri Ajit Hazra -Member

6.       Sri Digambar Das Thakur –Member


Research & Scientific Culture Sub-Committee

1.       Dr. Krishanu Adhikari -Convener

2.       All Full-time Teachers -Members


N.S.S . Advisory Committee

1. Mr. Sahabaj Ahmed Mondal

2. Mr. Safikul Alam

3. Smt. Moushumi Dutta

4. Dr. Krishanu Adhikari

5. Ms. Minakshi Paul

6. Dr. Anandadulal Bagdi

7. Sri Atanu Chowdhury

8.  Debendranath Saha 


Finance Committee 

Dr. Subrata Mondal

Dr. Anandadulal Bagdi

Dr. Manjari Sarkar Basu

Ujjwal Mondal

Tarun Kumar Mukherjee

Swarup Paul


Purchase Sub-Committee

Dr. Anandadulal Bagdi

Tarun Kumar Mukherjee

Swarup Paul

Dr. Subrata Mondal

Dr. Manjari Sarkar Basu


Jaggannath Nag


Students’ Welfare Cell

1.       Dr. Ananda Dulal Bagdi -Convener

2.       Sri Swapan Ghosh -Member

3.       Sri Atanu Choudhury -Member

4.       Sri Jagannath Pal-Member

5.       Sri Ujjwal Mandal -Member


Alumni Sub-Committee

1.       Mr. Safikul Alam -Convener   

2.       Mr. Sumit Kar

3        Mr. Shivshankar Pandit


Scholarship Sub-Committee

1.       Sri Ramendra Nath Roy-Convenor

2.       Sri Jaggannath Nag -Member

3.       Sri Ratan Kr. Banerjee -Member


Tour Sub-Committee

1.       Sri Ujjwal Mandal -Convenor

2.       Dr. Ananda Dulal Bagdi -Member

3.       Sri Tapas Kumar Ghosh –Member

4        Sri Atanu Chowdhury- Member 

4.       Sri Ajit Hazra –Member


Seminar Sub-Committee

1.       Sri Manabendra Das -Convener

2.       All Teaching Staffs -Members


Anti-ragging Sub-Committee

1.     Mr. Ramsundar Garai - Convenor

2.     Sri Bidhan Mondal -Member

3.     Smt. Amrita Mitra –Member

4.     Mr. Safikul Alam – Member 

5.    Mr. Amit Mondal – Member 


Cultural Subcommittee

Mr. Bidhan Mondal – Convener

Mr. Atanu Bhattacharjee- Member 

Mr. Habibur Rahman Chowdhury- Member

Mr. Fazle Elahi – Member

Sanchita Ghosh- Member

Dr. Aditi Chatterjee- Member

Ms. Mahua Mukherjee- Member

Ms. Minakshi Paul - Member


ICT Sub-Committee

1.       Dr. Avijit Singha -Convener

2.       Sri Bidhan Mondal -Member

3.       Sri Atanu Choudhury -Member

4.       Mr. Sahabaj Ahamed Mondal -Member


Women’s Cell

1. Dr. Manjari Sarkar (Basu)-Convener

2. Smt. Sashirekha Sarkar-Member

3. Smt. Sanchita Ghosh -Member

4. Smt. Tandra Ghosh -Member

5. Dr. Santwana Mandal -Member

6. Smt. Monalisa Saha –Member

7. Dr. Aditi Chatterjee- Member

8.  Minakshi Paul - Member


Bishakha Cell

Dr. Aditi Chatterjee-Convener 

Smt. Moushumi Dutta- Member 

Ratna Singha Roy - Member

Riya Mondal - Member


ICC Committee

Dr. Manjari Sarkar Basu-Convenor

Dr. Ananda Dulal Bagdi- Member

Dr. Aditi Chatterjee- Member

Dr. Malabika Biswas- Member

Ms. Minakshi Paul- Member

Mr. Bidhan Mondal- Member 


Green Committee

Dr. Mrinal Kanti Chattopadhyay

NSS-Program officers Unit - I, II, III

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We aim to provide our students with an education that prepares them for lifelong learning and success in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this, we prioritize experiential learning, interdisciplinary inquiry, and the integration of theory and practice. We believe that by engaging in research, internships, community service, and other forms of experiential education, our students will develop the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to make meaningful contributions to society.